One of the main web pages about the Zapatistas, this site is mostly in Spanish with some content in English.  Here are many of the documents, as well as an FAQ, mp3s of speeches, etc.


Official site of the political party associated with the EZLN.  This page is all in Spanish, but has parts that can be navigated by anglohablantes, like links to Zapatista art

Zapatista Women Mujeres Zapatistas

Nice website in English focused on women in the Zapatista movement, contains a discussion group and links page.


The Independent Media Center from Chiapas, this is an open-publishing newswire that has up-to-date information, frequently in both English and Spanish for major stories, and Spanish for minor ones.  The website has an office in San Cristobal with computers, scanners, etc. to facilitate publishing by anyone.

Women and the EZLN

This website has many good links to websites focused on women in the Zapatista movement.  Includes communiqués sent by female commanders as well as other documents pertaining to women, all in English.

Zapatista Index

This website is an excellent resource of many websites and documents about the EZLN in English.  Provides information on practically all aspects of the Zapatistas from organizational structure to historical background to counterinsurgency.

        This is a sub-page of the Zapatista index that chronicles all of the documents they have in English - many of the communiqués as well as Marcos' writings are here.

Enough is Enough!

Interesting website form the United States containing information about the Zapatistas as well as the anti-globalization/global justice struggle.  Has many of Marcos' documents translated to English.

Cartoons and Photos from the Zapatista rebellion, Chiapas, Mexico

Political cartoons, mostly in Spanish about the Zapatistas, and well as some amateur photographs of the region.

Chiapas Maps

This website has a series of maps that show the movements of displaced persons within the state.

If you really want to learn more about the Zapatista and keep up to date on events, join one the newsgroups here.

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