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“We give our solemn pledge that whatever circumstances require we shall unhesitantly fulfill our internationalist responsibilities. Imperialism must know that if they touch Cuba, they touch Grenada, and if they touch Nicaragua they touch Grenada.”


-Maurice Bishop[1]




          On March 13, 1979, the Prime Minister of Grenada, Eric Gairy was out of the country on a visit to New York. In his absence, the New Jewel Movement, a Marxist revolutionary group, took power and established the People’s Revolutionary Government (PRG) and established Maurice Bishop as its leader. Shortly after the takeover, the Bishop began to create diplomatic ties with socialist nations, Cuba in particular.[1]

          The PRG was recognized under the Carter administration even though they had socialist tendencies. Growing military relations with Cuba eventually concerned policy makers in Washington. Jimmy Carter cut off aid and rejected measures to create better relations from the Bishop government. The Reagan Administration, however, was not nearly as passive and pointed to a new runway in Grenada, constructed with the aid of Cuban military advisors, as a threat to U.S. national security. The runway was claimed to aid in the military strategies of Cuba and the Soviet Union.[2]

          On October 21, 1983, the Reagan administration launched the invasion of Grenada codenamed “Operation Urgent Fury”.  Cuban troops fought on behalf of the Bishop government. This was the first time United States and Cuban troops collided face to face. Twenty-nine Cubans suffered from casualties in the invasion.[3]



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