Struggle Continues


Onward to Revolution
Under US Influence
*July 26, 1953*
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Struggle Continues


Today, the spirit of the revolution is still strong among the majority of the Cuban people despite the hardships imposed by the US blockade, by the collapse of their major trading partner, the Soviet Union, and by the US Helms-Burton Act, which seeks to restrict other countries from trading with Cuba.

The revolution has brought many gains to the population. Cuba is the only Latin American country with a free health and education system, a social security system which pays 60% of the normal wage and in which the people have a real say in the way the country is run.

The United States unremitting policy towards Cuba over the past 37 years has been to try to destroy the revolution. But the determination and revolutionary spirit shown by those young Cubans in the attack on the Moncada Barracks in 1953 has now inspire a whole nation.

bulletDuring 1959, the CIA began monitoring the telephone conversations of Cuban leaders. Subversive radio stations transmitted to Cuba from Miami, the Bahamas and Central America.
bulletAt the end of the year, the CIA began to land saboteurs in Cuba.
bulletOn 6 July, the US sugar quota from Cuba was cut off. Castro nationalized US-owned sugar mills.
bulletIn July, the US Joint Chiefs of Staff recommended the President authorize a full invasion.
bulletAs the invasion force approached on 16 April, Fidel Castro announced the socialist character of the Revolution. At 2am on 17 April a force of 1,500 Cuban counterrevolutionaries landed at the Bay of Pigs. Castro personally directed the counterattack, using Soviet-supplied weapons, while the workers and peasants of the Commities for the Defence of the Revolution rounded up thousands of counterrevolutionary sympathizers in the cities.
bulletThe invasion force was destroyed in less than 72 hours. US imperialism was humiliated.
bulletThe gains of the national democratic revolution had been preserved only by taking it forward to the socialist revolution. Later that year, Castro explained: 'The anti-imperialist, socialist revolution could only be one single revolution, because there is only one revolution. That is the great dialectic truth of humanity: imperialism, and, standing against it, socialism.' He thumped the table in front of him and shouted, 'I am a Marxist-Leninist and I shall be a Marxist-Leninist until the last days of my life.'
bulletThe US imperialists have used every means at their disposal short of all-out war to strangle the Revolution: economic sabotage, bacteriological warfare, the economic blockade, and repeated attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro. In the face of this relentless pressure, still the Cuban people resist to defend the dignity of life socialism has achieved.

Today the Cuban people's determination to defend their revolution against the US is a strength for people all around the world fighting for justice and freedom.


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